About This Website

This website is being developed and maintained by Auroville Campus Initiative (ACI), the Department of Further Learning of the Sri Aurobindo International Institute of Educational Research (SAIIER) Auroville. The courses listed here are offered by various teams of Auroville and not necessarily by ACI or SAIIER unless it is specified.

Our attempt is to develop this site into an online platform to support the emergence of Auroville as a new kind of Univers-city, a place of higher education for all, creating a learning society. Through this platform, we wish to provide the necessary support for course providers to publish and manage their courses, facilitators to engage with their students and students to find the courses and facilitators most suitable for their learning journey.

We wish to develop this platform in small steps, iteratively, with the active participation of its users. So in this release, we are only introducing three small features.

  1. Courses - listing short term courses that are entry points to longer self-directed learning journies.
  2. News - related to related educational activities of Auroville being published in the media.
  3. Blog - sharing various aspects of learning journies in Auroville.

To build this website together, we need your active participation.

Call for Action

The available contents on the site as of now are very limited. What is available are examples, please consider them as prototypes to show you to get the ball rolling.

  1. If you have a course to add to the list please send the text and photo to us with a link to your website and other contact details. At present we are listing courses that are a minimum of 1-week duration.
  2. If you have a news article about higher education courses in Auroville, please send the link of the article to us.
  3. If you have any feedback to give, please feel free to write to us to share your views and suggestions for improvement.
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At present only the administrator of the site can add courses and news items. In the near future, we will be opening it to all course providers to directly publish and manage their courses.

The direction in which this platform will evolve depends on your actual needs and It is a work in progress, an evolving site, open to change.

Thank you for your support,
Team ACI