Auroville Jiva

Jiva” is a growing collaboration of highly experienced therapists and facilitators living in Auroville.

Jiva works with clients with most diverse issues, be it emotional, physical, or on the mental level, and more so… the questions of the soul.

We are deeply involved with Integral Yoga, sharing our inner journey and conscious discovery professionally.

We are highly qualified, adhere to highest standards in therapeutic work, and often work and teach internationally.

Jiva offers training, classes and therapy sessions, as well as retreats and webinars in

  • Natural Horsemanship, Horse Assisted Therapy with Mirrabelle Lindemann
  • Acupuncture, Shiatsu, QiGong with Andres Lokuta
  • Integral Regressiontherapy, hypnotherapy, advanced classical Homeopathy with Sigrid Lindemann
  • Shiatsu, Taijichuan,advanced physiotherapy, and healing with Sami Latzke
  • Yoganidra with Egle Borchardt
  • TaijiChuan, Shiatsu with Michael Winkler
  • Medical Clowning with Fif Fernandes
  • Yoga – all styles with Bala Sivaprakasam



Auroville Jiva is a group of therapists and facilitators, .

Jiva works with clients with most diverse issues, be it emotional, physical, or on the mental level, and more so… the questions of the soul.

Their workshops and trainings empower and transform.

The life paths, nationalities and backgrounds of JIVA therapists and facilitators are very colorful. What brings them together is the perspective of integral Yoga, lived in Auroville, and offered as integrated approach into our therapy, workshops and trainings.

The purpose of JIVA is to bring about change…. to grow as a person, to grow in awareness, to grow into connection with our souls.


Accepting Volunteers: Status Unknown
Phone: Sigrid for JIVA team, Whatsapp 9626006961


Self-development, Health & Wellbeing

Integral Regresssiontherapy - for therapists

Apr 06, 2021 . 8 Months . Remote

Integral Regressiontherapy Tracing your evolution…as a soul incarnated. Integral Regressiontherapy is able to - resolve trauma, due to accidents, birth or life situations, - answer the questions pertaining to earlier incarnations, - unblocking Child memories and its conclusions now restricting full potential, and - address longstanding health issues without direct medical causes. A therapy encompassing • Integral Yoga and • the universal realities of Karma and Dharma • Soul Evolution through embodied experiences • Revisiting memories of this life, earlier incarnations and more • Transforming earlier conclusions, unblocking energies, harvesting wisdom • Growing awareness of your soul`s evolution Aim of the course The theoretical background of the course will be presented as webinar, and the therapeutical work will be practised in person in Auroville, with mandatory sessions and practice session with co-students. Webinars - theory modules include a deeper understanding of human psychology, inner child work, pastlives, reincarnation, energy work, healing and what it takes to transform these – in the light of integral yoga and conscious evolution. The full course Webinars & practice seminars is designed to enable participants with a background as psychotherapists, psychologists, healers to facilitate transformational sessions in integral regression therapy. In the presence seminars train participants to stay focussed and present, grounded, to facilitate 2 -3 hrs long sessions. (Exercises in meditation, awareness, grounding, breath work, etc. ). Further, the facilitators practise how to conduct the sessions in integral regression therapy from intake, to the steps to enter regressions, and then to heal through release on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. These 2- 3 hours Sessions focus in either • Accident Trauma Relief (incl operations) • Inner Child work • Birth and pre-birth experiences • Pastlife Regression and death experiences • Energy work Teacher Sigrid Lindemann Sigrid lives in Auroville past 30 years, and deeply involves in the therapeutic work since then. Her inner search led her first to Auroville, and its philosophy , and then to internationally renowned teachers advancing research in therapeutic modalities and consciousness . She has developed “Integral Regressiontherapy” based on her practice and research with Classical homeopathy, and hypnotherapy and transpersonal regressiontherapy : • Integral Yoga – Sri Aurobindo and The Mother (1987- now) • Classical Homeopathy – Sensation Method (1997 – now) with Dr Rajan Sankaran, Academy for Advanced Homeopathy The Other Song, Mumbai , WISH, WorldInstitute for Sensation Method Homeopathy • Hypnotherapy Teacher: Yuvraj Kapadia , founder of EKAA, Faculty in Hypnotherapy – EKAA (2010 – now) • Transpersonal Regressiontherapy , teacher Yuvraj Kappadia (2014 – now) • Tasso International with Hans Tendam, Marion Boon