Auroville will be the place of an unending education, of constant progress, and a youth that never ages.

The Auroville Charter

An Evolutionary Imperative

In a world of accelerating technological evolution individuals and collectives are increasingly under pressure to evolve and adapt. Education is no more limited to children and youth but has become a lifelong process for everyone to remain relevant in a rapidly changing world. Such learning, naturally, must be self-driven. For an individual to become self-driven the first condition is to come in touch with one’s own deepest self and its inspired vision and force. This too is not sufficient, one must learn to give it expression in life through work that serves the evolution of the whole of which the individual is an integral part. Thus one becomes a part of a larger collective evolution driven from within in tune with the forces of Nature. It is at once an evolution of the individual, society and Nature. This demands a radical re-imagination of the educational process and its objectives. Auroville is a response to this call of our time, a living laboratory of educational research and evolutionary progress. Here all of life is an opportunity to learn and progress and every individual has a unique contribution to make in the overall human progress.

A Learning Society

As education has become a life long process it is necessary to re-imagine all activities and institutions of life as contexts for learning. This demands us to re-imagine the very notion of the university if it is to embrace all contexts of human life from birth to death. It has to be a learning society that is at once a university as well as a city where the full complexity of human life is experimented upon in live-in laboratories. All social institutions and process, from science to technology, from arts to culture, from governance to economy, from families to workplaces, from birth to death, are to be reimagined into living laboratories to give birth to a new society, new humanity, new world.

Auroville is a bold experiment in this direction.

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The Auroville Charter
A Dream
To be a True Aurovilian